Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bacon, The Karmic Equalizer...

I burned myself last night making dinner... I had a pan fresh out of the oven in my potholdered hand, then I grabbed it with my un-potholdered hand. I really just burnt the side of my middle finger, it hurt, but it is not serious. But I thought, Damn that really hurt.

So, this morning I was making some bacon (telling myself that I could have some for breakfast because I was really just making it to crumble on top of spinach tonight and that I might as well cook all six slices), which quickly evolved into a bacon, egg and provolone toasted sandwich. As I was assembling the sandwich in the freaking hot pan - SIZZLE. Yep, that'd be my wrist. Now I have a two inch long pink blister going across my wrist. Especially painful when showering or trying to use the computer keyboard or mouse.

The moral of this story? I'm not sure. But it seems that maybe the universe is trying to tell me to stop justifying the consumption of bacon. :)