Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me

Yep, you guessed it... today is my birthday.

And I'm okay with it. I mean, it's kind of like losing weight... the time is going to pass whether my ass is fat or not, right? Time is going to pass and I am going to get older whether I like it or not, so I might as well get on board.

And the 30's are good... I feel more comfortable with myself than I ever have. Not so many feelings of self-doubt. I don't really care if everyone likes me or not (because if someone doesn't like me, they are obviously skewed in some way... since I rock and all).

So today I am going to do the following (1) have TWO cups of coffee, (2) eat bacon and eggs for breakfast - and maybe a cookie afterwards (3) play Rock Band as much as I can between taking care of the little kids and (4) go eat at Texas de Brazil because my cholesterol isn't high enough.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So, last night Mr. Fix-It, The Cheerleader and I were playing Rock Band and she wanted to sing Livin' on a Prayer, so we played it. And while I was rockin' the drums (watch out Don Henley), I had this memory flash...

I was about 10 years old when Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet came out... and Livin' on a Prayer was the song of the minute. I remember singing it and doing stupid little dance routines to it in my friend's front yard... of course, can't remember the friend's name, but I remember us being goofy little kids in her front yard.
It was just a little weird... when I was that dorky little kid, I never would have guessed that 23 years later I would be sitting in my living room with my man and my kids, playing simulated drums on a gaming system to that very song. And I think it is super-cool that my Cheerleader knows all the words. And that Queenie was doing a little dance for us while we were playing. :)

Friday, January 16, 2009

An Articulate Post for Friday


Tension breaker, had to be done.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mortification at the Hands of The Cheerleader

I love my "tween" daughter, otherwise known as The Cheerleader. She is energetic and fun... she is also nosey (she calls it being curious) and wildly inappropriate.

I woke her up yesterday to get ready for school, then went back downstairs to get myself ready enough to stand at the garage door and wait for her bus to arrive (the preparation is minimal at best). After completing this daunting task, I open my bedroom door to find her standing RIGHT OUTSIDE the bedroom door (note that there is nothing else there... just our bedroom door... not even a hall, so there was no reason for her to be standing there). And she says, "Mom, what were you DOING in there?"

Now, how do you answer a question like that? I told her I was getting dressed and brushing my teeth. She says "Yeah, right. I HEARD stuff." Gasp!! I know for a fact that the only thing she could have heard was me and Mr. Fix-It talking while we were both in the bathroom. So, I told her that what happens in my bedroom is none of her business and left it at that.

That afternoon, she and her little friends come bounding into the house to play Rock Band and as they are settling in to play, she says (in front of her friends), "Really, Mom, what were you doing in your bedroom this morning?" Argh! I had to control myself, because I really wanted to grab her by the ear and yank her upstairs for a gripe-out, but instead I said, "Julie, this is not the right time to talk about this." I was furious - I was just sure that these little girls would run home to their mom (who is allegedly friends with The Dark One - Mr. Fix-It's exwife) and tell a convoluded version of the conversation. You know, like, Julie's parents were "doing it" on the kitchen island... that kind of thing.

After the girls went home, I sat down with The Cheerleader and asked her to tell me what privacy is. She told me, and she was right. I told her that if a door is shut in our house and she needs something, that she needs to knock. If she doesn't need anything, she cannot stand by the door and be nosey. I asked her if she had any questions, because next time there would be no discussion, just action. She says, "But I thought I heard... nevermind."

I am really struggling with this... I don't want it to be a conversation about sex because, well, it isn't really about that. It's about privacy and respecting other people's space. I NEVER would have said any of these things to my mother... I mean, ew.

The Perfect Saturday Afternoon

I am not usually all "whiskers on kittens", but when I have a nice day (or few hours for that matter), I feel the need to share.

This past Saturday, it was just me, Mr. Fix-It and The Cheerleader. After a morning of shooing away The Cheerleader's slumber party friends, a harrowing trip to Wal-Mart (which is a whole other post) and various other small shopping trips, we settled into a harmonious Saturday afternoon.

Mr. Fix-It assembled the newly purchased futon for the children's play area and put plywood down in the attic for storage purposes... something he has been trying to do for several weeks. The Cheerleader stayed upstairs and amused herself (I am still trying to get over that). I stayed in the kitchen for hours... listening to our music collection on random, singing at the top of my lungs, making guacamole, chopping various veggies for dinner on Sunday night and preparing the side dishes to accompany a delicious medium-rare ribeye steak cooked perfectly by Mr. Fix-It. I even made a mushroom cream sauce to top the steak without using cream. That's right people... I made a roux with flour and butter and then added milk to make a sauce. Giada would be proud.

Sometimes it is the simplest things in life that make me happy...