Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So, last night Mr. Fix-It, The Cheerleader and I were playing Rock Band and she wanted to sing Livin' on a Prayer, so we played it. And while I was rockin' the drums (watch out Don Henley), I had this memory flash...

I was about 10 years old when Bon Jovi's Slippery When Wet came out... and Livin' on a Prayer was the song of the minute. I remember singing it and doing stupid little dance routines to it in my friend's front yard... of course, can't remember the friend's name, but I remember us being goofy little kids in her front yard.
It was just a little weird... when I was that dorky little kid, I never would have guessed that 23 years later I would be sitting in my living room with my man and my kids, playing simulated drums on a gaming system to that very song. And I think it is super-cool that my Cheerleader knows all the words. And that Queenie was doing a little dance for us while we were playing. :)

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