Friday, March 20, 2009

I Am So Proud of Me!

So, I have to brag on myself just a little bit... after today, I will have exercised for FIVE, count'em, FIVE days in a row. Yowza. I am still in a bit of shock.

How long have I been doing this? Struggling with the weight... the body image... since junior high, I guess. Now I look back at pics from high school, when I thought I was a tub of lard, and think "wow, I was kinda hot." I am not trying to get back to the high school weight - I am a realist after all. I am done with diet books, protein shakes and all that mumbo jumbo - irrational programs that do not help sustain weight loss or a healthy life.

My brain is finally firing appropriately... I must exercise almost every day... it is a requirement, like taking shower and brushing my teeth. I must not eat just because it tastes good, because I am stressed out, because there is a tub of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla in the freezer... :)

I still have a ways to go (like, 22 pounds), but I've already lost 10. So really, I'm a third of the way to my goal.

AND I got to move three pairs of jeans and one shirt from the "too small" rack of my closet to the "it fits" rack of my closet. Yay!!

Even when I am done, my stomach will still look like a melted candle from having three c-sections, but perhaps if I am a good girl I can get a tummy tuck for my 34th birthday. :)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Retrain My Brain

I have this friend, we will call her Heidi, who also happens to be my "upline" for my Passion Party and Traveling Vineyard businesses. She is also going through one bitch of a divorce with an ex-husband that is even worse than my estranged husband (I didn't know it was possible, but lo and behold)... She is also a stay-home mom that is making her living through the Passion Parties and Traveling Vineyard, though she is much more successful at it than I am.

She is always telling me that I will only get back what I put out into the world - meaning that if I have a cynical, negative, bitchy view, that is what I will receive back. This is something that I have never really considered before, since I am the Queen of Cynicism and Sarcasm. Of course, I realize the irony of having a blog titled about the karma of returning shopping carts... so obviously, I must put SOME stock into the belief that what comes around goes around (Ratt, anyone?).

I had vowed that today, yes, TODAY, I was going to have this bright, new attitude as I call about a job I don't want, call the unemployment office about extending my benefits, have a phone meeting with my attorney about the RIDICULOUS demands that The Donor is trying to insert into the mediated divorce decree that we have already agreed on, take care of two little ones still in diapers, dispairing over my trucker-belly, frustrated that my businesses are going nowhere and that Mr. Fix-It is gone. Again.

I guess I am not off to a good start.