Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I had one of those dreams this morning where you swear it was real... you can smell, hear and touch things and just know that you are there...

I was in my kitchen trying to wash dishes, but the water wouldn't get hot and the other side of the sink kept clogging up. Then, my Uncle Bill came up behind me and said, "Why didn't you say hi to me?" I turned around to him and he picked me up and hugged me and said "I love you, kid." And I could feel him... his wiry frame as he hugged me, his cheek against mine. And I said, "I love you too." Then he pulled away and was gone.

My Uncle Bill has been dead for almost 18 years. He was killed in a motorcycle accident in September 1991, just a few days after his 34th birthday. It was such a blow to my family - so sudden and so unnecessary. This is the first time I have ever dreamed about him. And I can't believe that I still remember how he felt, how his voice sounded and how he smelled. I don't know what the dream means. I hadn't been thinking of him lately. I guess it is funny what the mind will do.

I have been spending all day trying not to cry... I guess I should just let it go and see if that helps.

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