Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Year In Review

Well, technically I guess it would be the last 14 months in review, because I had some real humdingers during the end of 2007. And I guess I should have posted this on New Year's Day, but life doesn't always work out that way.

So, getting on with it, in the last 14 months, the following things have happened in this order:

1. Left husband (hereby known as The Donor) because he was horrible to me and subsequently ran to the arms of Mr. Fix-It.

2. Moved into my parents' house.

3. Moved into an apartment with Mr. Fix-It.

4. Found out I was pregnant (the same day as #3).

5. Was "fired" from my job because I was having a relationship with a co-worker.

6. The Donor kept Queenie from me for over 3 weeks and tried to take custody of her in court a week before Christmas - the judge put him on his ass.

7. Moved into a rental house with Mr. Fix-It and our gaggle of children.

8. My father had unexpected double by-pass surgery.

9. Our house was broken into (the same day dad got out of the hospital).

10. I went into labor early and Little Man was born (same day as Mr. Fix-It's wedding anniversary - now, that my friends, is karma).

11. Started looking for a job in August - still got nothin'.

12. Endured the initial "blending" of our families a mere two weeks after giving birth to Little Man. What a GREAT time to introduce new children into a household... Mr. Fix-It's ex is a real brainiac (and she will heretofor be referred to as "The Dark One"). This blending resulted in The Brooder stealing items from The Cheerleader and generally being a pain in the ass.

13. Two episodes of The Brooder having a complete meltdown - one resulting in police presence and admittance into an in-patient psychiatric program for a week.

14. Mr. Fix-It's divorce was final. Yay!

15. Mr. Fix-It being out of town for 7 weeks straight.

16. My divorce mediation (while Mr. Fix-It was out of town).

17. Househunting. Enough said.

18. The Cheerleader's father and his troll of a wife (Meatball & Mrs. Meatball) freaked out over us moving although I am well within my right as far as our custody agreement goes.

19. Buying a house and moving into it. Again, enough said.

20. Still looking for that job.

21. Still waiting for divorce to be final. (Although I did receive the first draft of the decree in the mail on New Year's Day... a little karma again... kind of like Little Man being due on Independence Day).

Yes, a lot of crappy stuff happened in 2008. But, a lot of great stuff happened too. I got engaged. My beautiful, healthy baby boy was born. My dad's heart problem was discovered early and fixed. And as a result of my breakaway from The Donor, I have rekindled many friendships that I thought were long gone (you know who you are).

So, I spent part of New Year's Day on the back of Mr. Fix-It's bike - one of my favorite things to do. And I know that everything that happened last year was just work we had to do on our road to happiness.

Happy New Year!


  1. These are the days of our lives...

  2. Goodess, that was a rap up. I like reading your blogs, they are drama. But it seems like things are going to become more I hope. Get on the work outs girls, we can get rid of our spare tire together!!!